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[2nd] Vampire Rascal; Hongkong Plan


Vampire Rascal

Author: Ifaloyshee | Characters: Wu Yifan (Kris EXO M), Kim Jongin (Kai EXO K), Kim Yuko (OC), Xi Luhan EXO M, Kim Myungsoo (L INFINITE), Krystal Jung f(x), Choi Minho SHINee; Additional CharactersKim Junmyeon (Suho EXO K), Kim Byulhae (OC), Cho Kyuhyun Super Junior, Oh Sehun EXO K, Kim Jaejoong JYJ etc… | Genre: Fantasy, drama, romance, friendship | DISC: The idea is mine, included the plot and  a whole of this story. Some abilities and scenes are inspired from Japan Anime and Fantasy Movies. The Characters are belong to their parents. Don’t reblog or copy without my permission! |Rating: PG-17 {Profanities, mature contents}

Vampire Rascal; Chapter two

Copyright ©2013 Ifaloyshee

All rights reserved


Chapter 2;  Hongkong Plan

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