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[Chapter 4] The Second of Telepathy


[4th] The Second of Telepathy

AUTHOR: Ifaloyshee // MAIN CAST :  Kim Sumin (OC), Oh Sehun,  Kim Jongin (Kai), Im JinAh (Nana), Choi Junhoong (Zelo), Kim Hyelim (Lime) // GENRE : Fantasy, Romance, Supranatural, Drama // DISC         : The casts are not belong to me. The story-line, plot, ideas are come from my mind. Dont copy  this story without my permission. And dont copy my idea, be creative pls. // RATING: PG. [ bakal sering naik seiring bertambahnya part] , Profanity, bloody and the other things.

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The Second of Telepathy; Chapter Four

Copyright ©2013 Ifaloyshee

All rights reserved


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