[kyutoria] More Than Stars

More Than Stars [DRABBLE]

Author : ifaaa (ifaloyshee~)

Genre : Romance or maybe… Fluff?

Cast : Cho Kyuhyun, Song Victoria.

This ff is made special for KYUTORIAN. I make this because i’m a kyutoria hard-shipper! they’re very adorable rite? Khekekeke~

i’m so sorry if you don’t like this pairing, but i hope you’ll like this pairing
and… sorry for sparkyu too. It’s just fanfiction guys;)


Today is a Saturday Night, Victoria sitting at Orchid cafe alone. She’s reading a book right now.

“Annyeong Victoria!” said Kyuhyun give her a cup of tea.

Victoria little surprised.


“Yes it’s me.”

“What are you doing in here?”

Kyuhyun sit beside her. Watching a girl that he loves.

“i want to meet you Victoria…”

“Me? for what?” ask her.

“Nothing. Forget it. C’mon drink your tea before it becomes not warm again.” Victoria nodded and then she drink her tea.

“you’d like to order food or maybe… beverage?”

“No, Qian. emmmm i will bring you to a place. Will you? c’mon!” Kyuhyun grab Victoria’s hand.

“what? where are we going to?” ask Victoria.

Kyuhyun didn’t say anything. He brings Victoria out of the cafe and take her to a quiet place. Like garden.

“it’s a good night. And there is no one except you and me Victoria.” Kyuhyun sitting on the grass.

“Hey! c’mon sit beside me! do you want to keep stand like that?” he added.

Victoria nodded and then she sit beside kyuhyun.

Victoria look up to the sky. And then she smiling sweetly.

“Kyu, look at the sky! How wondeful the stars! wow, such a beautiful stars!”

Kyuhyun smiling looks his girl.

“I like it so much!”

“i’m not interested. I’ve already found something that beautiful than the stars.” he said.

“mwo? what is that?” Victoria staring at him. Wait his answer.

“I can’t tell it. It’s my secret hehehe.” Kyuhyun whispering and show his evil smirk.

“Kyu-aah i wonder! tell me what is it! something who better than amazing stars.” Victoria punch his shoulder.

“okay…” Kyu reach her hands and put it on his cheeks. Victoria feels her heartbeat is suddenly beating unnormally. What’s she feeling about?

“Song Qian, that thing is… Ya! i found it since many years ago. When i met a girl from chinese. She is strange but… Very beautiful, also kind.” Kyuhyun looks at her eyes. Ouch! he makes Victoria becomes nervous.

“Who’s that? from chinese? maybe i know her.”

“aish! can’t you catch what i mean? oh my Qian don’t make me more difficult.”

“What do you mean kyu?” Victoria still confused. Hahaha~

“hemmm that thing is you Song Qian. Saranghaeyo.”

“jeongmal? Kyu don’t be kidding! You-”

gotcha! kyuhyun cut her words with her sweet kiss. Victoria really surprised. oh gosh! she feels happy right?

Kyu still kissing Victoria. His hand move to touch her cheeks and he bit her lower lips. They feel the sweet kiss moment.

“Kyu, you’re pervert! but… Luckily, i also fell in love with you.” Victoria take it off her lips.

“i know you have to accept it. And… Actually, i also want to say something again. Song Qian, Why you’re so beautiful in my eyes?”

Victoria feels shy.

“Stop it kyu… Don’t tease me! hahaha!” and suddenly Victoria hug his neck and starting to kiss again.


Geeeez-_- it’s too short! and it’s my first English-fanfiction. uhmmm i think i’m a failed writer rite?

*cry in the corner*

but, Please don’t be a silent reader! you know a writer can’t live without comment! so please my lovely reader, leave your comment :) it’ll so appreciate. Terimakasih=)

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46 thoughts on “[kyutoria] More Than Stars

  1. Eh..buseeet!!!
    Gw kagak tau nih fa bhs ing.nya!kekeke LOL :sss

    Buatin translate ‘a donk fa!!onnie biar bisa baca,terserah km mau pke bhs apa,yg pnting jgn inggris,bhs alien juga gag pa2../PLETAK T_T

  2. hye writer ,,,
    no , u not a failER writer …
    i love KYUTORIA pairing …
    myb dis quite short but it’s sweet + nice ..
    bside ,,, U much better than me ..
    u can wrote dis fanfic while I no nothing …
    so ,, plzzz make more kyutoria fanfic yeahhh …
    love U ~~~

    • thaaaanks dear^^

      yeah, it’s too short bcuz this is drabble fanfiction.

      you’re kyutorian too? so happy to know that i found a new kyutorian :)

      ooow, i think you can write a fanfict better than me, you know? i’m a newbie writer so i haven’t make fanfict nicely but i always practice to write an english fanfict, it’s difficult enough bcuz i’m indonesian :) once again, Thanks for read my fanfict.

      On Fri May 27th, 2011 8:02 AM EDT

  3. hy~ thanks for visited my blog like i asked you yesterday!

    umm i think this one is failed fanfiction, but i’m so glad when you said this ff is sweet =)

    me too, i also want both of them be a real couple!

  4. widih pake bahasa inggris coi
    banyakin aja fanfic pake bahasa inggris
    biar sekalian baca sekalian belajar
    kalo dari buku males gak seruu…

    apalagi ini KYUTORIA….
    daebak yah eon

    • *lempar hyesa*

      maaf ya ifa..
      anakku emang kaya’ gitu..
      bawel.. apalagi kalu uda nyangkut masalah inggris keminggris bgini.. *LOL*
      *Hyesa: siapa yg mau jadi anakmu ?*

      eih.. tapi aku setuju!
      banyakin deh FF yang kaya’ begini…
      biar anakku tambah pintar..
      wakakakaka.. *hug Hyesa* *hug ifa*

    • abal ini bahasa inggrisnya, maklum aku kan jawa tulen -,- #apahubungannya pengen sih bikin banyak yg english, tapi susah u.u

      On Tue Jul 5th, 2011 2:06 AM EDT

    • nggak!!
      ifa jago kok…

      ayooo fa.. aku dukung! *bawa bendera merah putih*
      aku suka semua FF kamu, ga ada yang abal… :)
      cepet selesein yang Mafia Princess..
      uda ngebet setengah mati nih..

  5. oh sekarang aku jadi anaknya choco eonni

    trus ayahku siapa dong
    pokoknya tenang aja

    eomma bakal dapet menantu yang kerennya amit amit
    besok aku kenalin ya eomma
    namanya CHO KYUHYUN

    • duuuuh…
      jeongmal mianheyo say…
      tapi appa kamu itu Cho Kyuhyun..

      hahahaha… *guling2dilantai*
      ga mungkin dong kamu jadi madu-nya.. ?

      *hug hyesa*

  6. loh ???
    masa kyuppa appa aku

    mana mau kyuppa sama eomma *wakakakak hug choco*

    mungkin namanya doang sama ……

    kalo pacarku itu namanya cho kyuhyun
    adeknya cho ahra
    yg tgl lahirnya 3 februari 1988
    yng cakeeeeep
    suka/gila maen game
    yang kemaren baru beli laptop baru

  7. *jitak Hyesa*
    lebih ga mungkin Kyuppa sama anak kecil.. XP

    ei, say..
    tuh kenapa image gravatarmu ganti ?
    tak kusangka, kyuppa disono jadi pikacchu..

    uname FB mu apa say ? :)

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